About Hart Instruments

About the company

Hart Instruments is a fresh company with the aspiration of filling gaps in today's sample-library market. Hart Instruments produces sample libraries for NI KONTAKT focussing on real-time playable wind instruments with an unique and human sound. All instruments are distinguished by

  • Real-Time Playability (breath controller highly recommended!)
  • Low Memory Footprint & CPU consumption. (ca. 30MB per instrument)
  • Humanized Sound using all kinds of occuring noises
  • Highly Customizable Sound with selected GUI parameters (Room Acoustics, Tone Control, Noise Balance)
  • Complex Scripting to emulate the tonal behaviour of real instruments
Several proprietary technologies are applied to ensure the accomplishing of these aims.

A picture of Christoph Hart standing on his balcony on a sunny day.

About the founder

Christoph Hart, the founder of Hart Instruments, studied Media Technology, Mathematics and Philosophy in Stuttgart / Germany. As bachelor thesis he developed an algorithm to morph between different harmonic structures without phase aligning, the technology that is applied to all instruments since Volker the funky Melodica.

He worked as a sample library developer for Cinematique Instruments and as a script developer for EastWest.

Apart from being a part time nerd he is attending his master studies in filmmusic composing at the film university "HFF" in Potsdam Babelsberg (near Berlin) and composes the stage music for several theater projects.

More (german) info on his composing stuff can be found here: