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oCAhdsrEnvelopeA pretty common envelope type with 5 states
oCAudioDisplayComponentAn AudioDisplayComponent displays the content of audio data and has some areas that can be dragged and send a change message on Mouse up
oCAudioFileEnvelopeA Envelope Follower that will loop an audio file
oCAudioFileEnvelopeEditor[Comments] An auto-generated component, created by the Introjucer
oCAudioLooperEditor[Comments] An auto-generated component, created by the Introjucer
oCAudioSampleBufferComponentA waveform component to display the content of a pooled AudioSampleBuffer
oCAudioSampleBufferPoolA pool for audio samples
oCAudioSampleProcessorIf you want to use a audio sample from the pool, subclass your Processor from this and you will get some nice tools:
oCBackendProcessorThis is the main audio processor for the backend application
oCBalanceCalculatorCalculates the balance
oCBetterProcessorEditorContainerThe container that holds all vertically stacked ProcessorEditors
oCCachedViewportA viewport that caches its content when it begins scrolling
oCCCEnvelopeEditor[Comments] An auto-generated component, created by the Introjucer
oCCCSwapperSwaps two control change numbers
oCChainA interface class for all Processors that have a dynamic size of child processors
oCChainHandlerA interface class for all Processors that have a dynamic size of child processors
oCChorusEditor[Comments] An auto-generated component, created by the Introjucer
oCConsoleA textbox that acts as console (read only / autoscrolling)The console has a clear button that deletes the content
oCConstantModulatorThis modulator simply returns a constant value that can be used to change the gain or something else
oCControlledObjectA base class for all objects that need access to a MainController
oCControlModulatorA ControlModulator is a non polyphonic TimeVariantModulator which processes midi CC messages
oCConvolutionEffectA convolution reverb using zero-latency convolutionThis is a wrapper for the convolution engine found in WDL (the sole MIT licenced convolution engine available) It is not designed to replace real convolution reverbs (as the CPU usage for impulses > 0.6 seconds is unreasonable), but your early reflection impulses or other filter impulses will be thankful for this effect
oCCppBuilderA cheap rip-off of Juce's Binary Builder to convert the exported valuetrees into a cpp file
oCCreatableScriptObjectThe base class for all objects that can be created by a script
oCCurveEqA parametriq equalizer with unlimited bands and FFT display
oCCurveEqEditor[Comments] An auto-generated component, created by the Introjucer
oCCustomKeyboardStateA keyboard state which adds the possibility of colouring the keys
oCDelayEffectA delay effect with time synching and dual channel processing
oCDemoHardcodedScriptProcessorThis Processor is a demonstration of how to convert a script into a MidiProcessor
oCDiscreteTableA table subclass that allows direct access to its items
oCEffectProcessorBase class for all Processors that applies a audio effect on the audio data
oCEffectProcessorChainA EffectProcessorChain renders multiple EffectProcessors
oCEmptyProcessorEditorBodyA empty ProcessorEditorBody that is used by a ProcessorEditor if no ProcessorEditorBody is supplied
oCEnvelopeFollowerThis class contains different EnvelopeFollower algorithm as subclasses and some helper methods for preparing the in / output
oCEnvelopeModulatorA EnvelopeModulator is a base class for all envelope-type modulators
oCEnvelopeModulatorFactoryTypeAllows creation of EnvelopeModulators
oCEqComponentA component that displays a filter graph of an EQ
oCExternalFileTableA table component containing all samples of a ModulatorSampler
oCFactoryTypeThis interface class lets the MainController do its work
oCFactoryTypeConstrainerA Constrainer objects can impose restrictions on a particular FactoryType
oCFileImportDialog[Comments] An auto-generated component, created by the Introjucer
oCFreeTypeFacesFreeType typefaces with font hinting
oCFrontendBarThe bar that is displayed for every FrontendProcessorEditor
oCFrontendProcessorThis class lets you take your exported HISE presets and wrap them into a hardcoded plugin (VST / AU, x86/x64, Win / OSX)
oCGainCollectorEditor[Comments] An auto-generated component, created by the Introjucer
oCGainEditor[Comments] An auto-generated component, created by the Introjucer
oCGainEffectA simple gain effect that allows time variant modulation
oCGainMatcherEditor[Comments] An auto-generated component, created by the Introjucer
oCGlobalEnvelopeModulatorThis Modulator gets its values from the connected modulator in the global container chain
oCGlobalModulatorEditor[Comments] An auto-generated component, created by the Introjucer
oCGlobalScriptCompileBroadcasterThis class sends a message to all registered listeners
oCGlobalScriptCompileListenerA GlobalScriptCompileListener gets informed whenever a script was compiled
oCGUIUpdaterUtility class that reduces the update rate to a common framerate (~30 fps)
oCHardcodedScriptProcessorThe base class for all MidiProcessors that are hardcoded scripts
oCHarmonicFilterEditor[Comments] An auto-generated component, created by the Introjucer
oCHiComboBoxA combobox which can be controlled by the macro system
oCHiSliderA custom Slider class that automatically sets up its properties according to the specified mode
oCImagePoolA pool for images
oCImageProviderA class that provides the image data from the binary resources
oCInterpolatorA utility class for linear interpolation between samples
oCJavascriptCodeEditorA subclass of CodeEditorComponent which improves working with Javascript scripts
oCKeyModulatorA constant Modulator which calculates a random value at the voice start
oCLegatoProcessorEnables monophonic mode and retriggers the pressed key if there was a key release
oCLfoModulatorA Lfo Modulator modulates the signal with a low frequency
oCLookupTableProcessorIf your Processor uses a Table object for anything, you can subclass it from this interface class and access its Table by script
oCMacroComponentA component which shows eight knobs that control eight macro controls and allows editing of the mapped parameters
oCMacroControlBroadcasterA class that handles macro controlled parameters of its children
oCMacroControlledObjectA base class for all control widgets that can be controlled by a MacroControlBroadcaster
oCMacroControlModulatorEditorBody[Comments] An auto-generated component, created by the Introjucer
oCMacroModulatorA Modulator that enhances the macro control system
oCMacroParameterTableA table that contains every mapped parameter for the currently edited macro slot
oCMainControllerA class for handling application wide tasks
oCMapWithKeyboardA wrapper class around a SamplerSoundMap which adds a keyboard that can be clicked to trigger the note
oCMasterEffectProcessorA MasterEffectProcessor renders a effect on a block of audio samples
oCMdaEffectSubstitutes the VSTWrapper
oCMdaEffectWrapperA Wrapper for the MDA effect plugins
oCMidiDelayDelays all midi events by the specified amount
oCMidiProcessorA MidiProcessor processes a MidiBuffer
oCMidiProcessorChainA MidiProcessorChain is a container for multiple MidiProcessors
oCMidiProcessorFactoryTypeAllows creation of MidiProcessors
oCMidiTableA Table subclass that can be used for any 7bit data
oCModulationThis is the base class for all modulation behaviour
oCModulatorA modulator is a module that encapsulates modulation behaviour and returns a float value between 0.0 and 1.0
oCModulatorChainA chain of Modulators that can be processed serially
oCModulatorChainFactoryTypeAllows creation of TimeVariantModulators
oCModulatorSamplerThe main sampler class
oCModulatorSamplerSoundA ModulatorSamplerSound is a wrapper around a StreamingSamplerSound that allows modulation of parameters
oCModulatorSamplerSoundPoolThis object acts as global pool for all samples used in an instance of the pluginIt uses reference counting to decide if a sound is used
oCModulatorSamplerVoiceA ModulatorSamplerVoice is a wrapper around a StreamingSamplerVoice with logic for modulation stuff
oCModulatorSynthA ModulatorSynth is a synthesiser with a ModulatorChain for volume and pitch that allows modulation of these parameters
oCModulatorSynthChainA ModulatorSynthChain processes multiple independent ModulatorSynth instances
oCModulatorSynthGroupA ModulatorSynthGroup is a collection of somehow related ModulatorSynths that are processed together
oCModulatorSynthGroupVoiceThis class acts as wrapper in a ModulatorSynthGroup for all child synth voices
oCModulatorSynthVoiceThis voice calculates the ModulatorChains of the ModulatorSynth it belongs to
oCMonophonicEffectProcessorA EffectProcessor which allows monophonic modulation of its parameters
oCNoGlobalEnvelopeConstrainerDeactivates Global Envelopes (this is used in Global Containers
oCNoGlobalsConstrainerDeactivates Globals (this is used in Global Containers
oCNoMidiInputConstrainerThis constrainer removes all Modulators that depend on midi input
oCPitchDetectionA wrapper class around the dywapitchtrack library that provides JUCE-type interface methods
oCPitchWheelEditorBody[Comments] An auto-generated component, created by the Introjucer
oCPitchwheelModulatorA PitchwheelModulator is a non polyphonic TimeVariantModulator which processes pitch bend messages
oCPlotterA plotter component that displays the Modulator valueYou can add values with addValue()
oCPluginParameterAudioProcessorThis AudioProcessor subclass removes some annoying virtual methods and allows PluginParameter objects to communicate with the host
oCPluginParameterModulatorThis modulator simply returns a constant value that can be used to change the gain or something else
oCPoolA template class which handles the logic of a pool of external file references
oCPopupLabelA Label component that displays a popup menu when right clicked
oCPopupWindowA small utility class that allows popups for console and plotter
oCPresetHandlerA helper class which provides loading and saving Processors to files and clipboard
oCPresetPlayerHandlerA handler class for all stuff related to HISE Player
oCPresetProcessorA PluginPlayerProcessor dynamically loads the data that will be embedded into a compiled plugin
oCProcessorThe base class for all modules
oCProcessorEditorBodyA ProcessorEditorBody is an interface class that can be used to create a custom body for a certain processor
oCProcessorEditorChildComponentBase class for all components that can be put in a ProcessorEditor
oCProcessorEditorHeaderA ProcessorEditorHeader is a bar that resides on top of every ProcessorEditor
oCProcessorHelpersSome handy helper functions that are using mainly the Iterator
oCProcessorPopupItemA small representation of a Processor with some buttons to change the view configurationYou can open a list of every Processor of the current patch and bypass it, set it as root processor or add it to the panel
oCRamperA Ramper applies linear ramping to a value
oCRandomModulatorA constant Modulator which calculates a random value at the voice start
oCReleaseTriggerScriptProcessorAllows release trigger functionality with a time variant decrease of the velocity
oCRestorableObjectA base class for all objects that can be saved as value tree
oCSafeChangeBroadcasterA drop in replacement for the ChangeBroadcaster class from JUCE but with weak references
oCSafeChangeListenerA class for message communication between objects
oCSampleComponentA simple rectangle which represents a ModulatorSamplerSound within a SamplerSoundMap
oCSampleImporterThis class handles all import logic for different sample formats
oCSampleLoaderThis is a utility class that handles buffered sample streaming in a background thread
oCSampleLookupTableA Table subclass that contains sample data with the fixed size of 2048
oCSampleMapA SampleMap is a data structure that encapsulates all data loaded into an ModulatorSampler
oCSampleMapExporterA SampleMapExporter writes all samples that are referenced by a SampleMap into one big audio file
oCSampleMapSearcherA SampleMapSearcher searches a preset files for samplemaps and stores them in a list for the SampleExporter
oCSamplePoolTableA table component containing all samples of a ModulatorSampler
oCSampleRasterThe SampleRaster is a small utility processor that quantisizes timestamps of midi data to a specific step size
oCSamplerSoundMapA component which displays all loaded ModulatorSamplerSounds and allows editing of their properties
oCSamplerSoundTableA table component containing all samples of a ModulatorSampler
oCSamplerSoundWaveformA component that displays the waveform of a sample
oCSamplerSubEditorA base class for all sample editing components
oCSamplerTable[Comments] An auto-generated component, created by the Introjucer
oCSampleWriterWrites all samples that are loaded into the sampler to the specified filenames
oCScriptBaseProcessorThis class acts as base class for both ScriptProcessor and HardcodedScriptProcessor
oCScriptContentComponentA component that can be populated with GUI elements by a script
oCScriptContentContainerA ScriptContentContainer displays all interface scripts (with Synth.addToFront(true)) with a tab bar
oCScriptingApiThis class wraps all available functions for the scripting engine provided by a ScriptProcessor
oCScriptingObjectThe base class for all scripting API classes
oCScriptingObjectsThis class wrapps all available objects that can be created by a script
oCScriptProcessorThis scripting processor uses the JavaScript Engine to execute small scripts that can change the midi message
oCScriptWatchTableA table component containing all variables and their current value for the currently debugged ScriptProcessor
oCSfzGroupSelectorComponent[Comments] An auto-generated component, created by the Introjucer
oCSfzGroupSelectorDialog[Comments] An auto-generated component, created by the Introjucer
oCSfzImporterHandles the importing of SFZ sample files

Simple Envelope

oCSimpleReverbEffectA simple (and cheap sounding) reverb effectThis is the Freeverb algorithm found in JUCE wrapped into a HISE effect
oCSliderPackA widget which contains multiple Sliders which support dragging & bipolar display
oCSliderPackDataThe data model for a SliderPack widget
oCSmootherA lowpass filter that can be used to smooth parameter changes
oCSoundPreloadThreadA background thread which loads sample data into the preload buffer of a StreamingSamplerSoundWhenever you need to change the preloadSize, create an instance of this
oCStereoEffectA simple stereo panner which can be modulated using all types of Modulators
oCStreamingSamplerSoundA SamplerSound which provides buffered disk streaming using memory mapped file access and a preloaded sample start
oCStreamingSamplerVoiceA SamplerVoice that streams the data from a StreamingSamplerSound
oCTableA table is a data structure that allows editing of a look up table with a TableEditor
oCTableEditorA component that can edit a Table
oCTableEnvelopeA Envelope that uses two Tables for the attack and release time
oCTempoListenerThis class is a listener class that can react to tempo changes
oCTempoSyncerA class that handles temposyncing
oCThumbnailHandlerHandles all thumbnail related stuffSimply call loadThumbNails whenever you change the directory and it takes care of everything
oCTimeModulationIf a modulator subclasses this, you can calculate varying modulation values over a time
oCTimeVariantModulatorA Modulator that calculates its return value for every processed sample
oCTimeVariantModulatorFactoryTypeAllows creation of TimeVariantModulators
oCTransposerTransposes all midi note messages by the specified amount
oCUpdateMergerA counter which can be used to limit the frequency for eg
oCValueSettingComponent[Comments] An auto-generated component, created by the Introjucer
oCVelocityModulatorThis modulator changes the output depending on the velocity of note on messages
oCVerticalListComponentA simple vertical list of components which resizes their children when needed
oCViewInfoA ViewInfo Object contains all EditorStates of every child processor
oCViewManagerA ViewManager handles all logic for restorable view configurations
oCVoiceEffectProcessorA VoiceEffectProcessor has multiple states that allows polyphonic rendering of the audio effect
oCVoiceModulationIf a Modulator is subclassed with VoiceModulation, it can handle multiple states for different voices
oCVoiceStartModulatorA Modulator that calculates its value only at the start of a voice
oCVoiceStartModulatorFactoryTypeAllows creation of VoiceStartModulators
oCVuMeterA Slider-style component that displays peak values
oCWaveSynthBody[Comments] An auto-generated component, created by the Introjucer
oCWavetableBody[Comments] An auto-generated component, created by the Introjucer
\CWavetableConverterConverts a directory containing the individual wavetable files into a ValueTree that can be loaded by a WavetableSynth